Our Mission is to be a socially, environmentally and economically Sustainable Farm - a model that sows the seeds of Sustainability to the Individual, to the Family, to the Business community and to Society as a whole.

With our roots in the countryside…

We are a family run farm and business that counts with a network of family farms. Coffee is our life and we aim to involve the entire chain, from producer to consumer, to work together in order to continually improve the quality and access of these coffees all the while creating relationships and a refreshing purpose in life.


We take great pride in producing clean and interesting coffees. We believe that specialty coffee should be clean and sweet and that diversity in flavor brings richness to the sensory experience. Our processing is constantly being studied and elaborated to create truly elegant coffees.

When we speak of processing this refers to post harvest. Here the coffee cherries are picked off the tree and must be dried so that the seed (coffee bean) reaches a humidity of approximately 11 percent – the ideal for storage.

After picking we determine how these cherries will be sorted and thereafter how they will be processed. It is our aim to craft coffees with our signature processing styles that give distinct flavors in the final product.


The most ancient of processes, a natural process is where the coffee fruit dries intact; skin, mucilage, pulp, parchment and seed. Once the coffees are picked and brought to the patio, if they are allowed the conditions, they undergo fermentation due to the presence of sugars, moisture and wild strains of yeast and bacteria. We believe this process enhances the fruit flavors and may in some cases increase perception of sweetness and presence of body/mouth-feel.

At the different FAF partner farms we selectively sort the cherries the day of picking before we take them to the raised beds and patios. We take great pride in producing ‘clean naturals’, which give a sensory experience of being fruity, sweet and an acidity that is balanced. More specifically, by balanced we mean does not exhibit a predominating acetic/sour taste. Because of this wild fermentation, natural coffees can be some of the most interesting and dynamic coffees yet if not treated with extreme care during the drying phase they can easily over ferment into the ‘off flavor’, acetic category.


Pulping is a process where the ‘coffee peel’ or ‘outer fruit skin’ is separated from the seed. This process occurs by applying pressure on the coffee cherry and squeezing out the beans from the cherries that are soft and therefore ripe. From here several decisions may then be made by the farmer.

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