Our Mission is to be a socially, environmentally and economically Sustainable Farm - a model that sows the seeds of Sustainability to the Individual, to the Family, to the Business community and to Society as a whole.

Non-Organic Sustainable Farming

Simply put, sustainable farming to us means being able to produce today without diminishing the ability to produce tomorrow. It is about leaving net positive soil capital for the following generations. This is a new concept in today’s society and the paths towards the ideals are not always rigid. To a farmer who has his finances limited, we must first help him make more money by improving his business skills, his quality and his position to market so that he may have a more comfortable life. Thus, it is by empowering each farmer that we may introduce the topics of sustainability and begin to experiment with several alternative methods of farming.

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza and its network of farms that are already established is an example, a model and a source of knowledge that many other farmers in the region can turn to. This is our goal with FAF Coffees on the ground level; to help develop those farmers that commit to working with us and to help them execute great quality with the pursuit of sustainability.

FAF Coffees